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Astronaut - Toyohiro Akiyama

Toyohiro Akiyama - Citizen Spaceflight Astronaut

Post Series: Space Tourists

The harsh economic realities of Perestroika-inspired politics left the Russian space program in dire financial straits, which was the reason its administrators decided to accept the offer from the Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation to pay for one of its employees to join a mission to the ageing Mir space station in 1990.

For a price of $28 million, Akiyama was given a seat on the mission, and during his seven-day stay, conducted daily TV broadcasts from space, between performing undisclosed science experiments for several and Japanese and Russian commercial enterprises.

Toyohiro AkiyamaHowever, since his employer picked up the tab for his ride, Akiyama is considered to be the first business traveller to space, as opposed to having been a space tourist.

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