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Roscosmos Payload Launches

Roscosmos - Payload Launch Providers

Post Series: CubeSat Launches

Also referred to as the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos is the hub around which all space activities in Russia rotate.

Russian space activities involve launches for commercial enterprises, which include, but is not limited to Earth imaging for both Government agencies and civilian entities.

In addition, Roscosmos oversees the official Russian astronaut program, and coordinates military launches for the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Roscosmos is one of the leading providers of launch opportunities for both foreign governments and commercial enterprises; however, a recent series of Proton rocket failures has seriously damaged the Agency’s reputation, and the viability of the Proton rocket and its Breeze-M upper stages is currently under review.

Apart from proving launch opportunities for foreign governments and civilian clients, Roscosmos also performs many launches of its own satellites, such as Glosnass navigation satellites, telecommunications satellites , and Earth imaging equipment. Most notably though, Roscosmos is the only launch provider for human payloads worldwide from its Baikonur Cosmodrome facility in Kazakhstan, which it rents from the Ukrainian Government.