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Astronaut Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth - Citizen Spaceflight Astronaut

Post Series: Space Tourists

When South African computer specialist sold his company to Google, he had more than enough money to pay for his trip to the ISS, courtesy of Space Adventures.

Paying a whopping $20 million for his ride in 2002, Shuttleworth performed intricate experiments during his 10-day stay on the ISS- one of which was the first of its kind, and which involved investigating the effect of zero-gravity on the development of embryos and stem-cells.

One other important experiment involved investigating the possibility of crystallizing HIV proteins in conditions of weightlessness, hoping that when the proteins are subjected to X-rays, the image will reveal the exact nature of the HIV virus. Currently, these ongoing experiments are being managed by world-leading South Africa scientists in collaboration with Russian specialists in various space-related sciences.

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