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ISC Kosmotras Launch Provier

ISC Kosmotras - Payload Launch Providers

Post Series: CubeSat Launches

Established in 1997 under Russian law, Kosmotras uses erstwhile ICBM’s to launch commercial payloads into space, in an official program called the “Program for Elimination of SS-18 Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles.”

Launching from a facility in Dnepr, Kosmotras has to date flown more than 120 commercial missions for customers such as various space agencies and commercial enterprises from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Thailand, South Korea and other countries.

In addition, Kosmotras has placed in excess of 20 commercial satellites into Earth orbit, and both the Russian and Ukrainian Governments have rewarded key personnel in the Kosmotras organisation with state awards and prizes for their achievements.