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Cubesat Deployment Videos

6 Best Cubesat Videos From Around The Web

cubesat small satelliteYou will have heard of CubeSats, but what are they exactly and where do CubeSat operators go to keep track of the latest opportunities and technology? It is tempting to say that they are small satellites, and that anybody can build one, but that would only be half of the story.

It would take several volumes to just describe the basics, but a picture being worth a thousand words, we thought it might be a better idea to refer you to some of the best CubeSat videos we found on the CubeSat.Us website from around the internet that do a much better job of explaining what these smallsats are, what they do, and how they are launched into low Earth orbit by a range of private citizens, commercial businesses and educational organizations. Enjoy!

What are Cubesats?

Presented by Stephen Murphey, this video provides clear answers to the basic question- “What are Cubesats”? Murphey gives a brief overview of what CubeSats are, their basic operational principles, and what they are currently being used for. This should be starting point for anybody interested in CubeSats, or for those who are planning on building one.

Let's make a Satellite with Arduino! (Project Overview)

Presented by Eric William , this is a series of five videos in which Wiliam demonstrates the techniques and equipment required to download information from a CubeSat, which makes this required viewing for anybody contemplating building a CubeSat in the garage or basement. This series offers practical advice on how to jury-rig existing technology like solar phone chargers to establish telemetry links with CubeSats.


Presented by Samuel Horton, this video discusses the past, present, and future applications of CubeSat technology. This is required viewing for everyone interested in CubeSats, since it explains the way forward in terms of technological advances and innovations.

NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer - releasing satellites from the ISS

Posted by NanoRacks, this video shows the actual deployment of several CubeSats from the International Space station. NanoRacks, along with a range of other commercial space organizations are leaders in the utilization of the international space station and have deployed over 100 of their customers CubeSats to date.

ESA Cubesats on International Space Station

This video gives unprecedented views of the interior of the ISS and the Japanese cargo vessel that delivered two CubeSats to the ISS. The video describes the process of unpacking the CubeSats, and their preparation prior too launching from the Kibo Module.

Atlas 5 rocket launch of cubesat flock

Posted by Justin Ray, the video shows spectacular views of a an Atlas 5 rocket launch, and the subsequent launching of a flock of CubeSats from it into low earth orbit.

So, did we miss any of the most notable CubeSat videos? Have a scoot around the CubeSat.us website and let us know if your small satellite made it on to the website or indeed. into orbit and be sure to drop us a line with the link to your favorite videos and resources for small payload owners and operators.